Space Market 1.0

Justin Adams, Executive Director, Tropical Forest Alliance, World Economic Forumin in conversation with Evelyn Mora

Speaking with Hindou Oumarou Ibrahim. She is an environmental activist and geographer. She is the Coordinator of the Association of Peul Women and Autochthonous Peoples of Chad.

Speaking with Torfi Johannesson and Mikael Höysti from The Nordic Council of Ministers about Interreg Baltic sustainability efforts, Innovation, bio-economy and social well-being.

Designers Tess van Zalinge and Sophie Roumans supported by Embassy of The Netherlands in Finland.

Paola Pinna, Vitória Cribb and Founders of Mutantboard Julia Falkner and Lorena Hydeman join Evelyn Mora to talk about how the traditional fashion industry can embrace digital designers?

Can sustainability be defined as a queer ecology as there is not only one way of being sustainable? Can buildings be biodegradable in the future?

A Conversation with Lauri Reuter, Senior Specialist, Disruptive Technologies at VTT about geeks, stereotypes, space, and technologies enabling sustainable production of food.

A Conversation with Michael Costello the Sustainability Director of Stahl about the role and the state of chemicals in the Fashion Industry.