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The Rebuild, Helsinki Fashion Week

“You can really reach new groups of people with digital. You can find new dimensions to your brand and a business model that can literally make your business bloom without you having to do things in a traditional way. People keep asking me; Digital, Physical or Phygital? This is the wrong question to ask. The question should be that, how do we explore and embrace digital in a sustainable way without exploiting it in the same way as we have exploited our real world?”


Evelyn Mora wants to open up fashion events to the masses, and she’s using 3D to do it!

“I wanted to focus on building a testbed to test the new innovations and try to implement them into the fashion industry powered by interdisciplinary professionals. “

“But Mora says the mission of the fashion week isn’t just to be sustainable, it’s also about the experience. It’s definitely less expensive for the industry to do a 3D show. But what people need to understand is that it’s not about being less expensive or more sustainable, because that is not the case. It’s about how you leverage those tools, and the approach that you take on the online platform, and the impressive reach.”

Varsity, The magazine of UNIVERSITY OF CAMBRIDGE
“Consumers can access the online content via Instagram and at “No filters, no facades, only collaboration and transparency”, writes Evelyn Mora, Founder of Helsinki Fashion Week.”

What an inspiring digital fashion week looks like
“Helsinki is the first time a fashion week has created and sold digital versions of every piece, so it’s too soon to know how commercial this will be.”
“Digital is not there to copy/paste what you do in real life,” says HFW founder Evelyn Mora, who is also founder of the Digital Village.

Can digital really be the future of fashion week?

“One city which is leading the way in this space is Helsinki Fashion Week (HFW), which has been making waves in the industry since its debut in 2016. Over the past four years, it has continually set the standard of what it truly means to be sustainable in fashion. Now, in our current online-only world, it’s adapting further to our digitally focused lives.”


“Fashion at the Finnish capitol has always been about more than just great clothes. Since its debut in 2016, the five-day HFW has led the way when it comes to sustainability and accountability in the industry. Digital sustainability is just one of the many eco-friendly initiatives HFW was founded upon. Each designer and brand that shows in Helsinki is carefully selected based on a holistic evaluation process that includes inspecting brands’ supply chains and their end-of-life management plans and business models.”
“Fashion has an influence on the most remote corners of humanity and our planetary home,” Mora said. “We don’t exist in a detached bubble, but, instead, we are all the very architects who together help weave the vast and colorful web that connects us all.”

5 Digital Trailblazers Discuss Fashion’s Virtual Future

“On the heels of the world’s first digital fashion weeks, we speak to some of the industry’s most exciting digital innovators – From SHOWstudio to Helsinki Fashion Week – to see whether fashion’s new reality is set to be a virtual one.

Are Digital Fashion Weeks Really More Sustainable?

“There’s a very big misconception that when you go digital, it’s automatically sustainable,” Evelyn Mora, founder of Helsinki Fashion Week tells Vogue. “But that’s really not the case. It’s really important to understand that.Having our [digital] footprint measured and compared to physical events will give us a lot of information on how to do things differently,” Mora explains.”


“It’s all about putting your values first,” the event’s founder Evelyn Mora told Clare recently on Episode 1 of the Ethical Fashion Podcast – listen here. “Let your values lead you. That is difficult, that is challenging, but I ask myself: what kind of reality do I want to contribute to.”

We asked 8 women championing sustainability to answer one burning question each

“As the founder of a sustainability-focused fashion week, Evelyn Mora understands the complexity of that buzzword better than most. “There is a real need for change, and sustainability as a word is ruined because it means everything yet nothing at the same time.” – Pahul Bains

…Cyberspace utopia” platform Digital Village, which ended on Sunday, was nothing like what a regular fashion week goer would expect…

“Mora argues that the cyber fashion week is not an alternative or a secondary way to do things, but “a new way and a different way” to look into the future of fashion, especially in cyberspace. “If you have your physical collection, you have a strategy there, you shouldn’t necessarily copy and paste it to the digital world and have a digital twin of that specific garment necessarily, but you can approach a digital opportunity as a completely different strategy,” ”

“На чем же нам следует сосредоточиться? На сокращении вредных выбросов как в случае с физическими шоу, так и с виртуальными, что бы это ни значило — меньше самих показов и путешествий, переход на возобновляемые источники энергии и так далее. «Не думаю, что диджитал способен навсегда вытеснить реальные мероприятия и наоборот. Тут необходим баланс, — подводит итог Мора. — А наша главная цель — сделать и то и другое максимально экологичным».”


“大愿景(Big Vision)使3D社交网络专注于使数据民主化,全部体验都是为用户的利益而设计的,数字村落不把金钱价值放在用户可持续体验和福祉的价值之上。取而代之的是,该平台将货币价值作为工具,来进一步授权其用户创造集体繁荣。价值的含义被重新定义,使“村民”能够开发、展示和管理其资产,从而将赫尔辛基时装周的IP和数字商品市场带入下一个时代。

该项目由赫尔辛基时装周创始人Evelyn Mora制作并担任创意总监。Evelyn与赫尔辛基时装周的合作伙伴一起,绘制用户情感图表,分析用户体验,以增强社区的重要性和意识,并激发思想开放。”

Las pasarelas se están celebrando en formato virtual a causa del coronavirus, pero eso no significa que sean automáticamente más sostenibles que los eventos presenciales

“No creo que lo digital pueda desterrar al desfile físico ni viceversa; es un equilibrio”, concluye Mora. “La clave es que lo hagamos de la manera más sostenible posible”.


「很多人誤解數位化後就自然而然永續化了,」赫爾辛基時裝週創辦人 Evelyn Mora 告訴 Vogue。「但那並不是事實。暸解到這點很重要。」此現象太近期,現階段還沒有數位時裝週環境衝擊的數據。這也是 Mora 找來科技公司 Normative 協助計算本」

“It’s important for companies to be able to communicate the development and the process of becoming more sustainable. Creating impact is the key. Greenwashing is happening and it is very misleading.”
BBC Business World News TV
LIVE, Paris Bureau.
January, 2020

“Reusing and repurposing garments is front and centre at Helsinki Fashion Week. Founder Evelyn Mora says the event only features “designers who have implemented sustainability into their core business”. It evaluates this by looking at criteria from raw material sourcing and fibre production to end-of-life management and brands’ mission and business models.” Vogue Business, February 2020

展。”Evelyn Mora说道。VOGUE CHINA

“As an event, we are very unconventional. We are taking our audience to cyberspace,” said Evelyn Mora Founder of HFW, which made its debut in 2015 to spotlight sustainability. – WWD

DEZEEN: ”Things are going to change. In the near future, maybe two to three years latest, it will happen for sure,” said Mora. “The companies have to go where the money is, and that’s where the consumers are – they are changing their minds and they’re starting to be more conscious.” Read the article here.

DEZEEN: Designers presented looks that brought together innovative new textiles, recycled materials and ethical manufacturing practices. Evelyn Mora has selected the five designers that most inspired her: Read the full article here.

“First of all, it starts with the event itself,” Evelyn Mora tells me, who founded Helsinki Fashion Week – the first recognized sustainable fashion week.“When you start producing a fashion show or week you need to make sure that the production partners are the right kind of companies. It would have been easy for us to partner with big businesses, but they’re inherently not sustainable.”
Harper’s Bazaar UK, March, 2020

“In terms of sustainable development, we are basically the leader. For Finland, this is a very natural thing. Other fashion weeks follow us, I never thought that this day will come. Some people say that we should protect our identity, but our purpose is to share and motivate. Sustainability is not your own, but we must work together and strive to achieve the right level of ethics.
It’s also about people, we have to be sustainable in the way we treat others and get the job done.” VOGUE CHINA, August 2, 2019

Mora, who founded Helsinki fashion week, said designers often asked her whether creativity is an obstacle to sustainability. For her, they are not mutually exclusive: “Innovation to me is no longer about travelling to the moon; it is about finding something new in the old.
It’s finding something new in the old’: how fashion can confront the climate crisis. – The Guardian  September 2019

“Fashion has an influence on the most remote corners of humanity and our planetary home. We don’t exist in a detached bubble, but, instead, we are all the very architects who together help weave the vast and colorful web that connects us all. And from what better position than ours to adopt a new mindset,” said Evelyn Mora
Read the full article from Forbes USA, June 30, 2019

“I think the biggest challenges right now to a more sustainable future is a lack of action and greenwashing”, said Evelyn Mora, Consultant and founder of Helsinki Fashion Week, who also cites initial risk and investment as obstacles for greater action. Mora, in between speaking on panels anticipates the upcoming  Circular Fashion Summit in Paris, along with the publishing of her first book, “The Trouble Maker” next year which will detail her trail-blazing sustainability efforts. – She calls for deep dives into production processes to see what makes fashion truly green.” – WWD November 2019


BUSINESS INSIDER – Global Trends Festival
Speaker “Digital Fashion, An Epic Paradigm Shift”

Sustainability Category

Europe Stage Warsaw
21st October 2020

University of the Arts Helsinki
Visiting Industry Expert on the Creative Business and Entrepreneurship Program
7th of October 2020

Fashion Tech Africa
IG Live talk- Tech opportunities “Blockchain, AI, AR, 3D” and the digital village.
4th of September 2020

Extinction rebellion
IG Live talk- Climate and ecological emergency: Is digital fashion enough to make fashion
3rd of September 2020

Fashion tech summit
Short keynote in the summit “The Digital Metaverse of Fashion, Digital Village”
5th of September 2020

Universo MOLA
VoyConMolla interview- The future of digital village, Latin design and awareness of
11th of September 2020

Sustainable Ethical Fashion Hub
Summit speaker – “The possibilities of technology in the fashion industry”
22nd of October 2020

DDIGITT Behind the Seams recording – 3D fashion, digital fashion shows, extended realities
“The New Realm for Fashion Experiences”
29th of September 2020

Nordic Talks
Webinar speaker- Raising awareness for sustainable fashion, environmental and social impact.
30th of September 2020

Kering sustainable network
Presentation about digital innovation.
September 2020

3rd of March 2020
The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry
Lecture about UN SDG and consumer behaviour.

6th of NOVEMBER 2019
Lecture about consumer expectations, brand communication and information sharing guidance as a publication.

Lecture about opportunities of
Nordic Collaboration and using fashion as a tool.
Link to presentation here.

Colour Talks: Painting a Brave Path Forward for Fashion. Presentations and insights from Fashion for Good’s innovation landscape.
Amsterdam, NL8th September 2019

Mentoring and leading a workshop about Circular Fashion
19-22nd OF NOVEMBER 2019

Consulate Generale of Finland in New York.
Co-host and Moderator of Symposium “Sustainability and Cultural Influences”
New York, USA
6th September 2019

Ministry of Economy and 
Employment of Finland
Lecture about EcoVillage concept.
Link to presentation here.

Paris Fashion Week Calendar
Co-host and Moderator of Symposium
“Luxury, Sustainability and Mindfulness”
30th September 2019

Finnish Institute in London
Co-host and Moderator of Symposium
“Sustainability and Creativity”
London, UK
16th September 2019


Designer Residency Programme
20-26 of July 2020
Digital development of the event
platform launching 27 July 2020.

Future Collective India
Mindfulness and Meditation workshop
February 2019

Circular Fashion Summit
Host of the summit.
September 2019


The Nobility House and our experimental algae curtain installation cleaning the air.The HFW Urban Curtain for the Nobility House is made of 100 modules each containing 10 liters of photosynthetic microalgae. The module of the curtain capture the same amount of CO2 as a mature tree transforming the urban building into a biotechnological micro forest.


Silo 468 nature simulating algorithms refreshresponding to parameters such as wind speed,temperature and snow.
Read the entire EcoVillage e-book here.

“The Nordics are already leaders in sustainability – Helsinki Fashion Week also billing itself as green but with
a 360 – degree sustainable experience”

Read the full interview of Evelyn Mora, Founder of Helsinki Fashion Week, Caroline Rush CEO of British Fashion
Council/London Fashion Week and Cecilie Thorsmark CEO of Copenhagen Fashion Week from the link below.
Go to
Read the full article here.


“In 2018, what is fashion week actually for? Is the old system tired & old-fashioned? Has it lost its purpose and reason for being? If so, what sorts events do we want to see take over? Do we need sustainable fashion weeks?”

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